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Abrasive tools for woodworking industry are mainly used for top,face and side grinding the circular saw blades and band saws made of tungsten carbide,high speed steel,cermet and PCD;processing woodwork drills and mills.

Top grinding wheel

woodworking top grinding wheels’ main type are 6A9, 6A2.They are with Single, Dual, Triple Quad grits to make sure one wheel can finish both roughing and finishing grinding process. This type of grinding wheels are mianly used for machine type: Vollmer, Akemat, Utma and Walter.

6a9 grinding wheel

6A9 top grinding wheel

6a2 top grinding wheel

6A2 top grinding wheel

Face grinding wheel

Face grinding wheel are used to grind circular saw,most often used grinding wheel types are 4A2,12V9,12V2.

4a2 grinding wheel

4a2 face grinding wheel

12v9 grinding wheel

12v9 grinding wheel

12v2 grinding wheel

12v2 grinding wheel

Side grinding wheel

Side grinding wheels are used for CNC lathes machine to ensure the uniform wheel dimensions; Single and dual grits available to complete roughing and finishing in one process.offen used types are AKE, 3A1 and 1A1,body can be steel or aluminum.

AKE grinding wheel

AKE grinding wheel

3A1 grinding wheel

3A1 grinding wheel

1A1 grinding wheel

1A1 grinding wheel

Profile grinding wheel

Applications: Diamond for carbide or inlaid carbide/steel (Bak-Pak); CBN for HSS, Jonalloy, or Stellite
Machine type: Available for all CNC and manual profile grinders using oil or Water coolant.Weinig, UT.MA, Schneeberger, Walter, Wadkin, Foley, SCMI, United, Tigra, Andi, Nielson
Grinding wheel types: 1A1R, 1F1R, 14A1R, 14F1R

14a1R grinding wheel

14A1R grinding wheel

1A1R grinding wheel

1F1R grinding wheel

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