What’s the best line speed of a diamond grinding wheel?

What's the best line speed of a diamond grinding wheel


Hi,I’m Brian,we are Specialized in abrasive solutions and offer customized abrasive tools.There are many clients asked me about diamond grinding wheel’s line speed.Today I’m going to tell you ” What’s the best line speed of a diamond grinding wheel?”

Generally a diamond grinding wheel’s line speed is 25m/s(meters per second),

that equals 1500 meters per minutes.

Line speed is need to be adjusted according to a grinding wheel’s diameter.

Formula is V(line speed) = { 丌(circumference ratio)* D(Outer Diameter) * N (rpm) / 1000 }

Diamond grinding wheel’s line speed should not too high
due to diamond has lower heat resistance ability,
if grinding temperature is higher than 800 degree,diamond will be carbonized.

The higher line speed,the higher grinding temperature will be caused.

So the diamond wheel’s line speed should not higher than 35 meters per second.

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