Oil stone is a type of stripe shape bonded abrasives,
Which is made of abrasive grains and bond.
It’s name was called because user’s usually use oil as Lubricant [ˈlubrɪkənt].

How many types of oil stones do you know?

It can be divided into two types
Artificial stone and natural stone.
Artificial stone has two structural types because of the abrasive used.

1, Matrix free stone made of abrasive grain(Corundum or silicon carbide) and binder.
oil stone with matrix which made of diamond or cubic boron nitride abrasive and binder.
According to its cross section shape, it can be divided into square, rectangle, triangle, knife shape (wedge), round and semi-circular oil stone, etc.
2,The matrix of oil stone made of diamond or cubic boron nitride abrasive and binder has rectangle, triangle and arc oil stone.
Natural stone is made from natural quartzite with fine texture and abrasive and polishing ability.
It is suitable for manual precision grinding in manufacturing industry such as precision machinery, clocks and tools.

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