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Grinding Polishing Cutting and Drilling Abrasive Tools – Forturetools

Forturetools is abrasive tools/grinding wheels manufacturer in China. Our product range includes diamond wheels, glass tools, drill bits for glass, countersink drill bits, diamond drill bits, and other grinding wheel types. The high-quality abrasive wheels manufactured by our skilled personnel are not only recommended for use in ceramics, glass, stone and metal processing but [...]

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Mr.BrianZhao’s 8 years in abrasive industry

I joined in forturetools in August 2011. Work in the International Trade Department. Responsible for developing global markets. In addition to learning basic theoretical knowledge, I have to understand the production process and product characteristics. Only in this way can we solve the problem for our customers better. From product development to product processing. Both [...]

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3 aspects the user care most of the grinding wheel

Introduction: Hi, I’m Brian from forturetools. I’ve been in the abrasive industry for more than 8 years, according to my experience and clients’ feedback, I found that there are 3 aspects the user care most of the grinding wheel, that is grinding wheel ’s sharpness, roughness and service life. Sharpness and roughness related to bond [...]

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Six types of grinding wheels for engine industry

Welcome to forturetools,I'm Brian, We are Specialized in abrasive solution and offer customized abrasive tools. Today,we are going to talk about "grinding wheels for engine industry" For engine industry, they usually use CBN grinding wheel most often, cause these parts are made of different types of steel. The first CBN wheel I will [...]

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How to measure and make 6A2 grinding wheel drawing

Hi,I'm Brian,we are Specialized in abrasive solutions and offer customized abrasive tools. Today Mr.Brian zhao will tell you how to measure and make a grinding wheel drawing,we will take 6A2 cup shape grinding wheel as sample. Finding a grinding wheel shape and measure the necessary size. Step 1, Find a grinding wheel shape [...]

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Grinding Wheel Basic Information you have to know

Hi,I'm Brian,we are Specialized in abrasive solution and offer customized abrasive tools. Many grinding wheel user's plan to buy a grinding wheel, But it's not convenient to send samples to supplier due to the shipping cost and other reason, Neither can offer enough information to grinding wheel suppliers. Which makes them failed to [...]

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2 inch 4A2 resin bond grinding wheel

Material diamond or CBN Bond Resin Grit 80# 120# 180# 240# 320# 400# 600# 800# for option D(Diameter) 50mm(2 inch) T(Thickness) 12.3mm H(Hole) 10mm,12.7mm,15mm,20mm  for option W(Rim width) 5mm X(Rim thickness) 5mm Usage Select "Diamond Wheel" or "CBN Wheel" see red letters below Packaging 20pcs/lot Need other customized abrasive tools,contact us. This 4A2 resin bond grinding wheel can be [...]

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aluminum oxide grinding wheel for punch machine

Name Aluminum oxidegrinding wheel Material Pink/white Aluminum oxide Size 100*20*25.4hole Quantity 5 pieces/lot Shape one side concave and another side convex Usage Special for punch machine Aluminum oxide is used for grinding the tools of alloy steel, high speed steel, hardened steel, etc. Packaging Carton Feature 1, For grinding and polishing 2, Don't burn the workpiece. 3, Fast and high precision polishing. BUY this product,visit Need this or other customized grinding [...]

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The difference between resin and ceramic grinding wheel

Welcome to forturetools,I'm Brian. Today,we are going to talk about The difference between resin and ceramic grinding wheel. The binders are the main difference between resin grinding wheel and ceramic grinding wheel. In terms of the properties of the binder, the ceramic bond is inorganic and the resin bond is the organic bond. [...]

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