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What grinding wheel do they use in glass industry?

Welcome to forturetools,I'm Brian, We are Specialized in abrasive solution and offer customized abrasive tools. Today,we are going to talk about "what grinding wheel do they use in glass industry" You must have already known "diamond grinding wheel" is most suitable for glass grinding. From my previous video title "Diamond Or cbn grinding [...]

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Metal bond round edge diamond grinding wheel

Item name: sintered bronze bond diamond grinding wheel for glass Material:diamond Diameter:100mm(4 inch) Thickness:20mm Edge shape: R50 Round edge Usage: for glass,ceramic,gem stone,optical lens grinding package:1pc/lot   D=100mm,T=20mm,X=5mm,R=50mm,H have 16mm,20mm,22mm,25.4mm,32mm for option   Need other shape size and grit leave message   BUY this product,visit aliexpress store link or go to amazon store link Need this or other [...]

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