Coarse grinding diamond mounted wheel

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Coarse grinding diamond mounted wheel

Product Description:

Metal bond Coarse grinding diamond mounted wheel are with the rough grain size of 40#,60# and 80# grit which is suitable for ceramic, glass and stone rough grinding, it can be metal/bronze bond and electroplated bond, shape and size can be customized according to clients requirement.


Product Description:

This type of Coarse grinding diamond mounted wheel uses rough grit abrasive grain, which is 40#,60# and 80# grit . It is suitable for ceramic, glass and stone rough grinding. The body/matrix usually use 45# steel, to ensure it is suitable for the grinding machine. Metal or call bronze bond diamond mounted wheel is the longest service life. Electroplated bond diamond mounted wheels have variable shapes and high precision. Due to it belongs to super-hard abrasives, the rotary speed is needless to worry. You can feel free to install on your machine and adjust the speed according to your personal needs. As for the grinding result, you should adjust the grinding force and speed to see which is best for you. Cause different user has a different requirement and equipment also in different condition.


Notice: Use enough cooling water to avoid too much heat generation which will burn the workpiece.


The diamond mounted wheel is suitable for both internal grinding and external grinding. According to clients personal usage, it is necessary to consider the specifics of each job separately. In order to arrive at the best-suited wheel for the job, ¬†choosing the correct wheel for a job is very important. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the easiest decision to make. As many factors play into such a selection. What is the material, size of the area to be ground, amount of stock to be removed, finish required, machine capabilities and a number of other factors.


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