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Diamond and CBN abrasive tools are the main super abrasives

Our Super Abrasives include Metal bond, Resin bond, Vitrified bond and Electroplated bond Diamond and CBN products, the chief material being Diamond and CBN. They are expertly transformed into surface grinding wheels, internal/external grinding wheels, cutting wheels, mounted wheels, diamond dressing tools and diamond files etc.

Diamond Abrasive Tools are used for hard carbide, optical glass, gem, semi-conductor materials, non-ferrous materials, and non-metallic material grinding, cutting or electrolytic grinding.

CBN Abrasive Tools are used for grinding ferrous metal, such as refractory alloy, vanadium steel, cobalt steel, molybdenum steel, high speed steel, bearing steel and titanium steel etc. Customized super abrasives are also available for various procedures.


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