Diamond mounted points

///Diamond mounted points
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Diamond Mounted Points are used for various granite, marble, jig, internal grinding and precision grinding of small holes in carbides, glass, ceramics, sapphire and many of the tough, super alloys and different hard crisp nonmetal materials. It can be sintered or electroplated. Bond can be metal/bronze, vitrified, resin. Mounted head can be different shapes, size and grit according to your requirement.


electroplated diamond mounted point grinding stones

Electroplated diamond mounted point grinding stones

cylinder diamond abrasive mounted points

Cylinder diamond abrasive mounted points

t shape diamond mounted wheel

T shape diamond mounted wheel

electroplated diamond grinding point

Electroplated diamond grinding point

sintered diamond mounted point

Sintered diamond mounted point

arrow head mounted point wheels

Arrow head mounted point wheels

cone shape diamond-mounted grinding wheels

Cone shape diamond mounted grinding wheels

heart shape diamond wheel point

Heart shape diamond wheel point

High precision diamond mounted point

High precision diamond mounted point


diamond mounted point head type
Material Bond Shank Dia Head Dia
Diamond Electroplated 2.35mm 0.5mm
Diamond Electroplated 2.35mm 0.8mm
Diamond Electroplated 2.35mm 1.0mm
Diamond Electroplated 2.35mm 1.2mm
Diamond Electroplated 2.35mm 1.5mm
Diamond Electroplated 2.35mm 2.0mm
Diamond Electroplated 2.35mm 2.5mm
Diamond Electroplated 2.35mm 3.0mm
Diamond Electroplated 2.35mm 4.0mm
Diamond Electroplated 2.35mm 6.0mm
Diamond Electroplated 2.35mm 8.0mm
Diamond Electroplated 3mm 10mm
Diamond Electroplated 3mm 12mm
Diamond Electroplated 3mm 14mm
Diamond Electroplated 3mm 16mm
Other customized size is available