Forture Tools has an amazing range of products for all your needs. We manufacture Grinding Wheels, Polishing Wheels, Cutting Wheels, Drill Bits, Sharpening Stones and other abrasive wheels and products. The material used in making these products are diamond, CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride), aluminum oxide and silicon carbide. They are not only used for glass, stone, ceramics, metal processing, but also used in the food processing, paper-making and machinery manufacturing industry.

  • glass-grinding-wheel
  • Glass-polishing-wheel
  • diamond-drill-bit
1. Glass Grinding Wheels: Full segmented, Internal/External Half segmented, Full rim cup Grinding Wheels, OG shape Grinding Wheels, Pencil Grinding Wheels and Abrasive Tools of other customized shapes and sizes. They are used for architectural glass, auto glass, photovoltaic glass etc.
2. Glass Polishing Wheels: BD, BK, CE-3, X-3000/5000, woolen, 9R polishing wheel, Low-E Glass Coating Edge Removing & Deletion wheels.
3. Diamond Drill Bits: Straight shank, tapered shank, internal/external threaded shank, and countersink.
All the above products can be customized to your specifications.
  • Resin bond grinding wheels
  • electroplated grinding wheels
  • Vitrified bond grinding wheels
  • Metal bond grinding wheels
1. Metal Bond Grinding Wheels: Good maintenance and wear resistance and long service life. Mainly used for cutting and grinding glass, ceramics and stone etc.
2. Resin Bond Grinding Wheels: Good surface finishing and self-sharpening, no blocking, Low heat generation, easy reconditioning etc. Mainly used for fine grinding, polishing of hard alloy work pieces.
3. Vitrified Grinding Wheels: High grinding efficiency, less heat generation. Mainly used for machining tungsten carbide, PCD, PCBN, ceramic, etc.
4. Electroplated Grinding Wheels: Sharp grinding, High precision, mainly used for grinding of various surfaces in mechanical industry. Also, used for carving and decorative grinding gems, glass, ceramics, stone, etc.
  • Alumina Chainsaw grinding wheel
  • GC grinding wheel
  • Double side grinding wheel
  • Abrasive discs
1. Grinding Wheels Bond: Ceramic, resin and rubber
2. Grinding Wheels Type: Centerless grinding wheels, Cylindrical grinding wheels, Surface grinding wheels, Internal grinding wheels, grinding discs, cut off wheels.
3. Abrasive Materials: brown alumina (A), white alumina (WA), pink alumina (PA), Single crystal alumina (SA), micro alumina (MA), SG material, black silicon carbide (C) and green silicon carbide (GC).
  • Single sided sharpening stones
  • Double sided sharpening stones
  • Customized shape abrasive stones
  • White alumina dressing stones
1. Material: Aluminum oxide, silicon carbide and natural stones.
2. Application: Can be used for sharpening scissors, scythes, knives, razors and tools such as chisels, hand scrapers and plane blades.
3. Types: Single Sided and double Sided Sharpening Stones, Honing Stones, Dressing Stones etc.
All kinds of shapes, sizes and grades are available.
  • Aluminum-oxide-mounted-points
  • Diamond-mounted-points
  • Rubber-mounted-points
  • Wool-felt-mounted-points-01
1. Varieties: Diamond mounted points, CBN mounted points, Aluminum Oxide Mounted Points, Silicon Carbide Mounted Points, Rubber Mounted Points, Wool Felt Mounted Points.
2. Bond agent: Diamond and CBN mounted points bond are of metal/bronze bond, Resin bond and Vitrified Bond. Most Silicon Carbide Mounted Points are Vitrified Bond.
3. Application: They are used for internal grinding, precision grinding, finishing and deburring of carbides, glass, ceramics, tool & die, aerospace automotive, fabrication and jewelry etc.
All kinds of shapes and grades are available.