Electroplated Grinding Wheels For Compressor Screw Rotor

//Electroplated Grinding Wheels For Compressor Screw Rotor
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Project Description

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This product is one type of CBN grinding wheels which are specially used for rough & fine forming grinding of the compressor screw rotors, It can settled in China domestic and foreign high speed CN grinder,rough and fine grinding can be finished at one time without trimming. The accuracy of the profile can reach 0.005mm, and the grinding wheels can be recycled.
Diameter(mm) Thickness(mm) Hole(mm)
200 40/50/60 80
240 50/60/70/80 80
280 50/60/70/180 80
The maximum linear speed allowed is 125m/s, recommended linear speed is 80~100m/s. It belongs to the high efficiency deep grinding, a high efficient grinding technology with the characteristic of high linear velocity of grinding wheel, high feed rate,deep sawing, under the condition of the same surface roughness the material removal rate is 100 times than the ordinary grinding. It can enhance the efficiency and low down the cost dramatically. Suitable for the processing of the nodular cast iron, 45 steel.
Compared with the milling processing with the disc cutter normally China used domestically, this CBN grinding wheel can finish rough and fine grinding with the special grinding.
1, High precision
2, Good shape maintenance
3, High efficiency.
Compare with the same grinding wheel imported,our grinding wheel can reach the same precision and service life
4, Cost is very competitively.