Electroplated grinding wheels for camshaft

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Project Description

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This grinding wheel being used for the rough grinding of the automobile motor camshaft.Supporting China domestic and foreign special grinder.Suitable for the grinding of chilled cast iron,nodular cast iron,button gray cast iron,cast alloy iron and 20Cr,GCr15,80B high carbon steel,45 steel.
Diameter(mm) Hole(mm) Thickness(mm) Width(mm)
400 157 32
500 203 22/27/30/36 3/20
The maximum linear speed allowance of this product is 120m/s,normal processing linear speed is 80~100m/s,it belongs to the large feeding forming grinding instead of lathing the grinding wheel, no need trimming.It can enhance processing efficiency and lower down the cost enormously,what’s more, the base of the grinding wheel can be recycled after using.