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  • Sintering diamond rotary dresser
    Sintering diamond rotary dresser is suitable for large quantities of high precision machining and suitable for all kinds of high hardness grinding wheel. CNC track type diamond rotary dresser general must use sintering processing and manufacturing. Because of its bond with tungsten carbide as skeleton material, cobalt metal as bonding materials, so has good abrasion resistance and strength.
  • Electroplated diamond rotary dresser Electroplated diamond rotary dresser
    The electroplated diamond rotary dresser is made of high strength diamond, which makes the diamond content on the working surface very high and little impurity. This kind of roller can achieve high precision without trimming.Which can be divided into two kinds: the outer plating method and the inner plating method.
  • Sintered profile diamond dresser Sintered diamond dresser
    Diamond Dressers are made with natural diamond and synthetic materials like CVD, PCD and MCD. in steel shanks of various shapes for straight or form dressing. For truing and dressing of conventional abrasive grinding wheels. It is including Single-point, multi-point, chisel shape, straight, angle, and radius configurations. They are used for improving abrasive grinder performance by helping round the wheel and clean, shape or open the wheel face.
  • aluminum oxide and silicon carbide sharpening stone Sharpening stones for rubber tapping knives
    Sharpening stones, also known as whetstones are normally used to grind and sharpen the cutting edges of tools and implements. There are sharpening stones of different materials, sizes and shapes. The material may be found in nature or may even be man-made.
  • Silicon carbide cup grinding wheel
    Silicon Carbide grinding wheels are used for brittle and hard carbide, glass, gem, stone grinding, cutting, or super fine grinding. The material includes Black silicon carbide (C), Green silicon carbide (GC) etc.