How to make grinding wheel inspection

The grinding wheel inspection mainly has the following 5 points:

1,Visual inspection — Make sure all parts of the grinding wheel are smooth, without gaps and cracks.

grinding wheel VERNIER CALLIPER2,VERNIER CALLIPER:vernier caliper is a measuring tools for measuring length, internal and external diameter, depth.

grinding wheel inspection3,Hardness test
Grain size rougher than 120#, use sandblasting hardness tester;
Grain size finer than 150# use chromium hardness machine to test;
We can also use hand cone method, steel scraping method,
according to the hand cone or scratch to recognize roughly.

grinding wheel inspection4,Balance check
use a balance instrument for static or dynamic balancing test,
to ensure the wheels maintain balance in operation .

grinding wheel inspection5,Strength test
Use turning machine.
grinding wheel Strength inspectionIn accordance with the provisions,grinding wheels’ diameter larger than 125 milimeter,must make rotation test,
1.5 times the speed of the grinding wheel,maintain 30 seconds, to check the wheels strength.

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