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Glass Industry

Diamond grinding wheel for architectural glass processing

This series diamond glass grinding wheels include full segmented,half segmented,full rim cup grinding wheel,can be metal bond and resin bond,they are mainly used for architectural glass edge processing.

Photovoltaic Industry

Diamond grinding wheel for solar glass processing

Solar Photovoltaic Glass grinding wheels are mainly used for solar glass,glass thickness is usually 3.2mm, grinding wheel total service life reach 15000m or above。For round edging machine.

Optical Industry

Electroplated diamond grinding wheel for optical glass processing

This series diamond grinding wheels are special for grinding and processing optical glass,high efficiency,high precision and sharp cutting.

Auto Industry


Auto industry related auto parts are camshaft,crankshaft,auto glass,auto synchronization regulator,Engine Valve etc.
forturetools can make grinding wheels for these workpieces processing.

Woodworking Industry


Abrasive tools for woodworking industry are mainly used for top,face and side grinding the circular saw blades and band saws made of tungsten carbide,high speed steel,cermet and PCD;processing woodwork drills and mills.

Wheels for Carbide Tools


Carbide tools grinding wheel usually use resin bond diamond grinding wheel,shapes can be 1A1,11A2,3A1,12V9,12V2,14A1;be widely used for carbide turning tools,milling cutters,reamers,broaches etc.

Diamond drill bits for glass hole processing

Diamond drill bits shank type include straight shank,taper shank,internal/external threaded shank, they are not only used for glass,also applicable for ceramics, porcelain, ceramic, porcelain,tile, limestone,slate, marble, granite, stone, and fiberglass,etc.

Rotary diamond dressing wheel for grinding wheel dressing

Rotary diamond dressing wheels are used for grinding wheel surface conditioning,to make grinding wheel grain grit expose and make it more efficient after using for a while.

Cold Saw Sharpening Wheel

Resin bond CBN grinding wheel for circular saw sharpening

Resin bond CBN grinding wheels are used for  cold high speed steel(DM05) circular saw sharpening,high precision,long service life.

Three types of grinding wheels for bearing industry

This videos is talking about three types of grinding wheels for bearing industry,they are Bearing groove grinding wheel,vitrified CBN internal grinding wheel and Resin bond Cubic boron nitride surface grinding wheel,details please see videos.

Five types of grinding wheels for gear industry

This videos tells five types of grinding wheels for gear processing,no no burning and high efficiency grinding wheel,worm grinding wheel,diamond roller,Bevel gear grinding wheel and Gear hob cutter grinding wheel.