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Diamond and CBN grinding wheels are two most oftenly used abrasive tools.

But for your own,do you know which one is your best option?

Diamond grinding wheel is the best abrasive tools for grinding hard alloy, ceramics,

Optical glass, gem and other stones, etc.

Diamond grinding wheel with high hardness and brittleness.
The diamond is easy to carbonization at 700 C ~800 C,

So it is not suitable for grinding steel which contain a lot of iron element.

CBN hardness is slightly lower than diamond,
But due to its thermal stability is good (1300 degrees ~1400, high temperature)

So it is not suitable for grinding steel.
CBN’s thermal conductivity is around 46 times of corundum.
It has much longer service life than corundum grinding wheels.
So CBN is the best abrasive tools for grinding high hardness and toughness metal material like
Hardened steel, bearing steel, high speed tool steel, stainless steel, heat resistant steel and titanium alloy.

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