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Forturetools Working Flow

forturetools working flow

Company Introduction

Zhengzhou Forture Tools Co., Ltd was founded in the year 1996 by Mr. Shunli Cheng & Miss Hongjuan Liu with the humble intention of producing Hi-tech Diamond and CBN Abrasive Tools. The company is located in Zhengzhou City, the provincial capital of Henan Province in east-central China. Zhengzhou City is a mining and manufacturing hub and is now a modern, briskly growing city.

Right from our inception, we have been looking to manufacture abrasive tools of the highest quality at most affordable prices. Regular investments in Research and Development combined with stringent Quality Control measures have only helped us in becoming one of the leaders in the field of manufacturing abrasive tools. Towards this end we achieved a major breakthrough in 2006 by becoming the first company to be awarded the ISO 9001 System Certification.

Forture Tools further expanded base in 2008 by establishing the Shanghai Branch. This was a unique accomplishment, surmounting all odds. Then again in 2015, we stamped our authority by opening our third branch in Shanghai- Forture Tools Shanghai Pudong Cutting Tools. We owe a large part of our success to our knowledgeable customers for reposing unflinching faith in our world-renowned products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase production capacity, reduce cost for factory processing and exceed customer expectations on all parameters.

Our Chronological Development History:

  • 2003 First Resin Bond CBN Grinding Wheel was produced.
  • 2004 High Wearing Resistance Bearing Groove Grinding Wheel was put into market successfully.
  • 2004 Vitrified Bond CBN wheel for mini bearing was produced successfully
  • 2005 Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheel of Forture Tools brand was awarded the “Famous Brand Abrasives in Henan Province
  • 2005 Emerged in the “Top 50 enterprises of Comprehensive Economic Benefit in China Tool industry
  • 2006 Became the first company to pass the ISO9001 System Certification.
  • 2006 Awarded the title of “New & High Tech enterprise” in Henan, China
  • 2007 Metal Bond Diamond Grinding Wheel was developed successfully
  • 2007 High Wearing Resistance Diamond Glass Grinding Wheel was launched into the market successfully.
  • 2008 Forture Tools Shanghai Branch was established
  • 2008 High quality Vitrified CBN Bearing Groove Grinding Wheel was developed successfully
  • 2008 Super sharpening Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheel for PCD cutting tools was put into market successfully
  • 2009 Won the title of “New & High Tech Enterprise in Henan
  • 2009 Grinding Wheel series special for Silicon Single Crystal Rod of Photovoltaic Industry was developed and launched successfully.
  • 2010 Forture Tools was awarded the title of “Famous Brand in China
  • 2010 High Wearing Resistance Glass Grinding Wheel Project awarded “Science and technology progress award in Zhengzhou
  • 2010 High Precision and Wear Resistance Diamond Glass Drill Bit was developed successfully.
  • 2011 High Tech Super Abrasives Research and Development Department was established
  • 2011 Auto Windshield Glass Grinding Wheel was developed successfully
  • 2012 Forture Tools CBN Grinding Wheel win the title of “The Most Potential CBN Grinding Wheel Brand
  • 2012 High Sharpening & Wear Resistance Glass Deletion Wheel was developed successfully
  • 2012 Awarded honorary title of “credit construction & sample enterprise
  • 2013 Till the current year, Forture Tools has developed 57 national patented technologies in total
  • 2014 Forture Tools developed Photovoltaic Industry Silicon Wafer use Grinding Wheel and became the first to take a step in this field, in China.
  • 2014 Photovoltaic Glass use Diamond Grinding Wheel was developed successfully
  • 2014 High Grade quality Electroplated Diamond & CBN abrasive tools was developed and put into production.
  • 2015 Forture Tools Shanghai Pudong Cutting Tools Branch was established.
  • 2015 The third Factory of Forture Tools was established.


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