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5 Principles of Grinding Wheel Hardness Selection

In this video, Mrbrianzhao will share with you which hardness of the grinding wheel shall we choose according to different situations.

Tuncay Darcan

Great customer service from the seller and the products quality were excellent. The company met the deadline on time and successfully shipped the products to our company. Highly recommend the company and will definitely work with you again.

Tuncay Darcan, Buyer
Boris Sciaroni

The CBN wheel I’ve ordered is a perfectly suited for any hardened steel, as there is little heat build up, and the breakdown of the abrasive is very minimal. Also the products does not chip from tool dig, also it won’t crack from over tightening the nut. We’ve been using this wheel for quite sometimes now, I can tell it will last a long time. Very happy with the overall quality and the buying experience from this company!

Timothy K Knechtly, Buyer
Dani Raich

Manufacturer was excellent at letting me know about the status of my order, the sale person was very knowledgeable about the product and helped me choose the right tool. He was also very patiently explained to me how to get the payment done, with a good follow up after the order.

Dani Raich, Buyer
Marcus Johnston

Prompt respond and delivery, top product quality, magnificent performance of the grinding wheel.Have received great feedback from the workers we been working with! Time to start a long-term cooperation with you.

Marcus Johnston, Buyer

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Why is diamond wheel suitable for grinding tungsten carbide?

September 2nd, 2021|

 First of all, let's have a general understanding of what materials are suitable for grinding workpieces with diamond grinding wheels and CBN grinding wheels. Usually, diamond grinding wheels and diamond tools are suitable for processing hard and brittle non-metallic materials, such [...]

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