Sharpening stones, also known as whetstones are normally used to grind and sharpen the cutting edges of tools and implements. There are sharpening stones of different materials, sizes and shapes. The material may be found in nature or may even be man-made.

These sharpening stones are available in numerous grades. They are usually graded by the grit size of the inherent particles. Stones with a fine grit are denser and they give a smoother finish to the sharpened surface. Conversely, coarser grit gives a rougher finish. The grading is often done by number and a higher number denotes a higher density stone that would give a finer finish.

At Forture Tools, we make sharpening stones from aluminum oxide or silicon carbide. We also have natural stone. The sharpening stones are used for sharpening scissors, scythes, knives, razors and tools such as chisels, hand scrapers and plane blades. They have a wide range of shapes and various grades.


Need CUSTOMIZED sharpening stones?


Single sided-sharpening-stones

Single Sided Sharpening Stones
These are made from Aluminum Oxide and Silicon Carbide material of the same granularity. It can be applied to hand grinding, cylinder grinding, machinery manufacturing, model making and equipment grinding. It also can be used for finishing diamonds.



Double Sided Sharpening Stones
Made of the same or different materials in different granularity, the coarse side can be used for fettle snagging and the fine side in precision grinding. Double sided sharpening stones can be made of aluminum oxide and silicon carbide. It can be widely used in the sharpening of knives, glass-wares and other materials.



Natural Sharpening Stones
Made from natural quartz rock these are the kind of abrasive tools which has both the fine, smooth texture and the ability of grinding and polishing. These sharpening stones can be used in precision machining of knives, timepiece components, and other kinds of precision component honing.



Dressing Stones
Being made of White aluminum oxide,mostly used for dressing diamond grinding wheels.Standard length is 175mm/200mm,standard thickness is 1.0, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0mm,standard width is 50mm. Customized size is available.


Honing stones

Honing Stones
These Aluminum Oxide and Silicon Carbide bonded (vitrified bond, resin bond and rubber bond) stones are used for honing Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, Cylinder Blocks and liners, Hydraulic equipment, Gear Nozzles, Pneumatic Tools, Gun barrels of field guns and battle tanks, Connecting rod ends, Gauges, Bushes and bores etc.


Customized shape abrasive stones

Abrasive Stones
Abrasive Stones can be customized totally according to your requirement and usage. Material options include aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, diamond and CBN. Shape and size will be according to the specifications in your drawing. It can be in the form of abrasive stick, abrasive block, abrasive segment, rubbing brick etc.

abrasive sharpening files

Abrasive Sharpening Files
Come in a variety of sizes and shapes.As bonded with different abrasive materials,different grit and different hardness grade. Shape can be tri-angle,square and round,to meet client’s requirement of deburring, sharpening and honing.Forturetools customized abrasive sharpening files are specialized for user to have handy tools.